Small Victories in Oklahoma

Nothing can undo or outweigh the horrible weight of what happened yesterday in Oklahoma. Please send prayers, good thoughts, and material assistance as you are able. Even so, may you find some hope as you watch this video and remember, “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is a highly worthy organization to give to, even if you’re not Presbyterian, even if you’re not religious.  they have one of the best reputations worldwide for long-term disaster relief.  They keep working long after the cameras have stopped rolling.  For example, we still have teams assisting in the recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

Click here to donate to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Click here for the PDA Situation Report on the OK, Tornado

Glimpses of Wholeness

Image by Cassie J.  Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.
Image by Cassie J. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

Have you ever look at a dog and really seen it in its total “dogness”?  A dog is quite miraculous when you really see it…

Never mind dogs.  What about a bird, or a cat, or a tree, or a flower, or a rhinoceros?!  They are all quite miraculous really.  When you really look at one, you can hardly believe it exists; there it is, this perfect thing, just being what it is, complete in itself.  Any imaginative child could have dreamed up a rhinoceros, or an elephant, or a giraffe.  But  they didn’t get here as the product of a child’s imagination.  The universe is spinning these dreams.  They come out of the universe, as do we.

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Full Catastrophe Living, p. 153-154