(For Kamala, Susanna)

Who is this,
arrayed in white,
washed in blood
of the unheard?

“I’m speaking.”

And we,
are listening:
eyes upturned
in this moment.

Crystal veil
rent overhead:
jagged shards
falling past,
a third of all stars,

held tight
by gravity’s arms
to the bosom
of the center
of the Earth.

How could you know?

You were never told
any different.
You never knew

Never mind
the glass.

You can’t tell
it’s there,
or maybe
I can’t tell
it isn’t.

Martin Luther King on Endorsing a Candidate

Image is in the public domain. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

The link below connects you to a document preserved electronically by the King Center.  It is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. responding to multiple requests that he endorse candidates in the 1960 election.  Dr. King refused all such requests.

He writes:

The role that is mine in the emerging social order of the south and America demands that I remain non-partisan.  This devoid of partisan political attachments, I am free to be critical of both parties when necessary.

He continues:

The best antidote to degeneration of conflict of opinion into maliciousness and violence is statesmanlike, firm, expressions of the moral issues giving active support to proper resolution.

This is not the time to look back, but to look forward.  I am full of hope for the future because of the goodwill and concern shown by so many people in Georgia and all over the country.

Now let us use this period for genuine negotiations so that Atlanta can take a step forward toward the society of “wisdom, justice and moderation” which the seal of the state of Georgia and the Constitution of the United States promised.

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The Better Angels of Our Nature

Wise words reblogged from my denomination’s website:

With the fall election campaign heating up, a group of religious leaders has released a “Better Angels Statement,” pledging their commitment to a ministry of reconciliation in a shared effort to promote civility and peaceful conversation, according to a press release from The Faith & Politics Institute (FPI).

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