(Reblog) Minnesota UCC remains committed to inclusion in the face of vandalism

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The Rev. Robin Raudabaugh won’t be deterred by the actions of a vandal spewing hate. Her Minnesota United Church of Christ congregation remains unwavering in its support and affirmation of LGBT persons despite the fact that Pilgrims United Church of Christ, in Maple Grove, Minn., was vandalized twice in a one-month span.

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(Reblog) God Goes Viral

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Astounded onlookers chalk it up to drunkenness, forgetting that alcohol tends to make one less intelligible, not more.  Besides, if drunkenness produced multi-lingual fluency, a good many college graduates today would be eligible for a job at the U.N. Likewise, Peter dismisses the charge and says “It’s a God thing,” exactly what the prophet Joel meant when he said, “In those days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh: old people, young people, folk from every place and every walk of life!”

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The God Particle

Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Image by Julian Herzog.

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Romans 1:19-20

“But the basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of God’s divine being.” (The Message)

Reflection by Daniel Randall

The recent announcement of the discovery of the Higgs boson particle has both scientific and religious communities abuzz. Labeled “the God particle” by some, the Higgs boson apparently helps us understand why there are things – even us in the universe. It explains why there is mass. It lays out why we have sticks and stones, planets and pets, stars and super glue. Simply explained, the Higgs boson may be the “glue” according to some scientists, which holds everything together.  (Click link to continue reading)