Theological Thought of the Day

Jesus of the People by Janet McKenzie

“Jesus has been so zealously worshipped, his deity so vehemently affirmed, his halo so brightly illumined, and his cross so beautifully polished that in the minds of many he no longer exists as a man. He has become an exquisite celestial being who momentarily and mistakenly lapsed into a painful involvement in the human scene, and then quite properly returned to his heavenly habitat. By thus glorifying him we more effectively rid ourselves of him than did those who tried to do so by crudely crucifying him.”

~Clarence Jordan, from the Introduction to the Cotton Patch Version of Luke and Acts

One thought on “Theological Thought of the Day

  1. Beth Stovell

    Hi Barrett,

    Thanks for this thought. I am in deep agreement with it. I encourage my New Testament classes to think about the humanity of Jesus more because of this issue. I ask them questions like, “Do you think that hurt Jesus? Do you think Jesus was angry about that?” and other such questions. I am amazed at how many seminary students struggle with the humanity of Jesus, yet his humanity is as necessary as his divinity. His humanity is one of the greatest gifts given to us by God.

    Thanks also for letting us stay at your place. That was a real blessing.

    Give our love to Sarah and Zanna!


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