Taking to the Streets

…or the halls of the US Senate, as it were.

We at St. James Mission have been in a time of tremendous transition as we figure out what it means to be an autonomous outreach ministry in our own right.  It’s been amazing to see other people stepping into positions of leadership and being empowered by the Spirit in finding their own voices.

We don’t totally know (yet) what this new phase of ministry will look like, but we keep getting these hints.  Recently, Annie Wadsworth Grove (our Director of Music) was invited to speak before a group of senators in Washington on the topic of Social Security.  She was there to offer a small business owner’s perspective.  She and her husband, Matt, run the Bagel Grove (home to Utica’s finest semitic pastries).

Unfortunately, CNN didn’t decide to broadcast her portion of the presentation, but you can see Annie quite clearly on the left hand side of the screen as Harry Reid and Al Franken talk.

Click here to see the video

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