Mission and Vision

This past Thursday, the people of St. James Mission officially adopted their new Mission and Vision statements during worship.  Many months of thought, prayer, and discussion have gone into the production of this document.  Unintentionally, this process has finished on the first Thursday after the Feast of St. James the Just (October 23), from whom our community takes its name!

St. James the Just; Brother of Jesus; Bishop of Jerusalem; Activist for equality, justice, and inclusivity in the early church; Leader, pastor, healer; Doer of the Word

Our Mission

St. James Mission is an inclusive, Christ-centered community where all people can experience the love of a living God through healing and free-spirited reverence.

Our Vision

  • At St. James Mission, different individuals find common ground in the context of experimental, alternative, Christ-centered worship; seek spiritual truths together through study and conversation; and embrace our spiritual commonality through weekly celebration of the sacrament of Holy Communion.
  • We aspire to accept and include everyone, especially those who have experienced exclusion and wounding in the past.  We strive to be open to voices that have yet to be heard and to the spiritually homeless.
  • We invite people to experience the Divine with us in community, but without any pressure.  We believe it is necessary to create a space where all questions are welcome – a space that is peaceful, safe, non-violent, and non-abusive.
  • We will increase our visible presence in the community; facilitate healing for those in crisis; and encourage & empower people in other churches who share a similar vision.
  • With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we seek first to attend to people’s physical needs and then their spiritual and other needs.  We want to communicate unconditional love and peace, not only in our worship but also in our daily living.
  • Trusting in the Holy One who speaks through scripture, we will answer the call to do justice in the world.  We are assured of divine love and seek to return that love in the way Jesus taught us, by loving others.

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