Setting a Higher Standard

Another home run ruin for law enforcement in central New York.

Earlier today, I posted an article on Facebook about an off-duty state trooper who was caught breaking into a house in Utica.  Miraculously, this individual was not arrested, although caught red-handed on the scene by Utica Police.

Read WKTV’s report on the incident here.

Tonight, I came across another sparkling gem, courtesy of the Utica Phoenix:

Read the Phoenix article here.

I’m not even including the many incidents that took place while I was working as a counselor at the Addiction Crisis Center and a Community Chaplain in the neighborhood where this second incident took place.  Some of these events I witnessed personally, others were reported to me by my clients.

I respect the difficult job that law enforcement officers have.  However, our bravest and finest have a responsibility to conduct themselves with a degree of integrity and professionalism appropriate to the power with which they have been invested.

To my neighbors in the Utica Police Department:

You can do better than this.  You must.

4 thoughts on “Setting a Higher Standard

  1. wakeuputica

    I do hope you take the time out to read my posts on this subject matter. I would like to inform you that this link

    Is the full video that paints of different picture. Despite what you have seen in your line of work, this particular incident is not the case. As far as the State Trooper, that definitely is an issue I believe should be looked into in the coming weeks.

    1. Thanks, wakeuputica, for the additional info and link to the full video.

      Here is a link to a follow up article in the Utica Phoenix, providing additional information:

      The issue of greater concern to me reaches beyond these specific incidents to the longstanding habits of misbehavior that have led to a generalized distrust of UPD in the CNY community. As I said in the initial post, I have faith that our bravest and finest can do better than this.

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