Preparing for the ‘Apocalypse’ in 2012

They got us in Y2K.  Harold Camping tried on May 21.  Now it’s supposed to happen again this year.  Here’s my take on all of this ‘end of the world’ business (be it digital malfunction, Mayan calendar, walking undead, or ‘biblical’ prophecy).

Good job by a kid in the UK, regardless of the fact that he looks like the love child of Harry Potter and Justin Bieber.

Worth watching, if only for the last line:

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the ‘Apocalypse’ in 2012

  1. Though… i think the apocalypse has started among the bee colonies. Apparently, there is a parasite making the bees act all weird. They call it the zombie affect. So maybe… just maybe, we might have our zombie apocalypse after all. LOL!

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