Evolutionary Thoughts: Disbelief

Continuing to enjoy my guided tour through the poetic and mystical mind of Diarmuid O’Murchu in his book: Evolutionary Faith.  Today’s offering comes from the Introduction, just after his ‘Creed’.  Again, I offer neither wholesale endorsement nor denouncement of anyone’s ideas but my own.  The words that follow are O’Murchu’s from Evolutionary Faith (p. 3-4)

My Lack of Faith

  • I find it hard to concur with the rationalism of science, claiming that one day we will uncover the whole rationale of creation and then be able to control the mind of God.
  • I disassociate myself as much as possible from those who claim that humankind is the measure of all things.  I no longer believe that humans are the masters of creation.
  • I no longer accept that the universe consists of dead, inert matter; in fact, I never really believed it.
  • I find it hard to accept that life evolved for the first time about four billion years ago; I suspect that it has been doing so since time immemorial.
  • I do not believe that we are the first intelligent creatures to inhabit creation.  We belong to an intelligent universe that for many millennia has known what it’s about.  It seems to me that our intelligence is derived from the intelligence of the greater whole.
  • I consider the heady debate between “creationists” and “evolutionists” to be so irrelevant and irreverent that I largely ignore it.
  • I no longer believe in the anthropocentric myth of the end of the world.  There is every likelihood that we humans will destroy ourselves, but not creation.  Creation has an infinite capacity to cocreate.
  • I have grave doubts that the story of evolution can be reduced to one cycle, commencing about twelve billion years ago and culminating in a big crunch some five to ten billion years from now.  It’s all too neat for the creativity of divine becoming.

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