Evolutionary Thoughts: Emptiness

More collected tidbits from Diarmuid O’Murchu’s Evolutionary Faith.

The dynamic vacuum is like a quiet lake on a summer night, its surface rippled in gentle fluctuations, while all around, electron-positron pairs twinkle on and off like fireflies.  It is a busier and friendlier place than the forbidding emptiness of Democritus or the glacial ether of Aristotle.  Its restless activity is utterly fascinating!

-Hans Christian von Baeyer

According to this startling new picture, in the beginning was Nothing.  No space.  No time.  No matter or energy.  But there was the quantum principle, which states that there must be uncertainty, so even Nothing became unstable, and tiny particles of Something began to form.

-Michio kaku

Since what people call God is not one being among other beings, not even a discrete Supreme being, but mystery which transcends and enfolds all that is, like the horizon and yet circling all horizons, this human encounter with the presence and absence of the living God occurs through the mediation of history itself in its whole vast range of happenings.  To this movement of the living God that can be traced in and through the experience of the world, Christian speech traditionally gives the name Spirit.

-Elizabeth Johnson

It is time to outgrow…

our anthropocentric desire to measure and quantify every aspect of existence; to dismiss as irrelevant those aspects we cannot measure or control according to our human-made norms; and to attribute primary significance only to that which can be objectively observed and quantified.

It is time to embrace…

the radical openness that characterizes our universe, and the mysterious fullness that inebriates the whole of reality; the seething energy surfacing from the quantum vacuum, forever begetting novelty and vitality in a universe poised for unlimited innovation, creative possibility, and divine exuberance.

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