(Evolutionary Thoughts) Imperfect World: Feeling Honored to Exist

A prayer by William Cleary in Prayers to an Evolutionary God (p.33):

How can we make sense of a world of so much imperfection, Holy Mystery, Evolutionary God?

Is there “a balm in Gilead” to heal our mystification, on oasis of meaning amid the desert sands of absurdity and heartache?

A shaft of light, of enlightenment, emerges from the evidence of a cosmos-wide evolutionary process wherein trial and error, randomness and improvisation, are the very way of divine creativity.

Open our hearts to hear this news if there is guidance for us here.

Your creation, God of Light, is not so much a battleground as some myths would have it, or a testing place of good against evil, or of nation against nation.

It is fundamentally a colossal flower opening up, a single family tree blossoming and growing, a cosmic symphony unfolding into meaning and elegance, where variance and dissonance are necessary to our evolving process.

This is your beloved world, Enlivening Spirit, and it is an honor to be an imperfect part of it.  Amen.

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