Evolutionary Thoughts: You Are What You Eat

Photo by Dr. Gregory S. Neal

The Eucharist is a supreme moment of cosmic, planetary, spiritual, and human embodiment.  All the elements meet as one in a ritual engagement from which nobody, for any reason, should be excluded.  Radical inclusion is at the heart of every eucharistic enactment, subversively modeled by the Jesus of Christianity, who welcomed everybody to the eucharistic table, including those who were totally prohibited according to the religious rules of the day: tax collectors, prostitutes, and sinners…

The Eucharist acclaims and celebrates unashamedly the radical relationality that characterizes every form of embodiment, from the cosmic to the personal.  And it also pronounces that God is totally at home in the immediacy of that encounter; stated in the affirming assertion of Sallie McFague: God loves bodies!  God is present precisely in the moments of intense bodily encounter, whether in the erotic passion of sexual embrace, the intensity of human intimacy, or the inexpressible wonder of childbirth; God is also present in the memorable moments of being at one with nature, the expressionless bond in which people of grief can be united, or the mysterious unity that brings people of every race, creed, and color around a eucharistic table.  In all these situations and many more besides, God is at home and radically present to us.  Words may fail to say how, but the heart has its wise and unspeakable intuitions.

– Diarmuid O’Murchu, Evolutionary Faith, p.136-137

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