Photo of Lake Bondhus, Norway by Alchemist-hp

“Be still and know that I am God.”  -Psalm 46

“God was not in the fire, or in the earthquake, or in the wind, but in the still, small voice.”  1 Kings 19:12

To sit together in silence requires confronting the inner workings of our own minds.  In silence, we see more clearly our thoughts and feelings, our hopes and losses.  We can shut them out by compiling our to-do lists or fretting about the crying baby, but if we continue with the silence, we feel the tug of the spirit calling us to a larger life.    For some, these feelings are strange and unsettling.  There is nothing to do in that silence but “be.”  There are no landmarks, no roadmaps, no GPS systems to guide us, save for the rhythm of our own heartbeat and the rise and fall of our own breath.

-Wayne Arnason & Kathleen Rolenz, Worship That Works, 110-111

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