Another sermon from my wife, Rev. Sarah Schmidt-Lee. I’m hoping that not too many of my congregants will read this, since she’s really a much much better preacher than I am. I don’t want them to know what they’re missing!

the beautiful changes...

The text for this week’s sermon is John 15:9-17

A small girl, maybe a toddler, maybe a preschooler, stands still watching a group of older girls. Their bright laughter and whispers drew her attention and she is enamored. She begins moving a little closer to the big girls, hoping they will notice her. She smiles when they laugh—wants to be in on the joke. Her mother watches from a few feet away, proud that her daughter is taking initiative, making new friends.Image

Finally the older girls begin to notice their small observer. At least one of the girls is kind–whispers to her friends how cute the little girl is. But a couple of the oldest girls take a quick glance and then turn their shoulders, ignoring the small girl and blocking her out of the circle. The small girl stands, watching, for a few more minutes and then gets tired…

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