On the Road Again

Hey there, Superfriends and Blogofans,

For the next two weeks, I’ll be taking my first vacation in two years.  I’ll try to keep the new posts and updates coming as frequently as possible, but alas, one is not always within mooching distance of a decent wireless connection.

I’ll be in NC for most of that time: first in the Charlotte area, then Durham, hopefully a brief excursion to Boone, and a trip to the beach.  While I’m in the Triangle, you will probably be able to find me any time at the Bojangles on 15-501 or sitting on the floor of the religion section at The Bookshop on Franklin Street.  Give a holla.


4 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Sam Pendergrast

    Barrett — a vacation means leaving work behind, making space in your life for rest and emptiness. Sabbath.
    Get with the program, man!

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