The Morning After…

Hi everybody!

It’s been a very unusual few days.  This blog has received way more attention than ever before.  I’m still figuring out how to work with it and keep up.  Almost half of my all time hits on the blog have happened in the past two days.  The number of subscribers has tripled.  If you’re one of the many new readers, I’d like to formally welcome you to this conversation!

I use this place for posting my sermons, funny/witty/inspiring pictures from Facebook, expressing the occasional thought that hitchhikes through my brain, and promoting the work of friends and thinkers who I admire.  It began as a reflection on an inner-city chaplaincy program that I started a few years ago, but has since morphed into something else.  I’m open to requests for topics, hosting guest bloggers and reblogging interesting stuff from other sites, so if there’s something you’d like to see or talk about, don’t hesitate to ask!  I’m really glad you’re all here and I’m honored that something I wrote has touched a lot of people where they live.  Thank you so much for reading this and walking the journey with me.

Be blessed and be a blessing!





5 thoughts on “The Morning After…

  1. I am one of your newbies. I caught the link to your Growing/Dying Church post via a re-post of a post on Facebook, which I then re-posted. 🙂 I enjoy your insights, as well as your writing style. I’m happy for you that God has opened this door. Great things are in store. Keep on’ bloggin’!

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