“I Am A Convinced Universalist”

William Barclay on Universalism:

I believe that it is impossible to set limits to the grace of God. I believe that not only in this world, but in any other world there may be, the grace of God is still effective, still operative, still at work. I do not believe that the operation of the grace of God is limited to this world. I believe that the grace of God is as wide as the universe.

Click here to read the whole article at Auburn.edu

Thus far, I have been unable to find any thoughts by Reginald Barclay on the topic of universalism.

5 thoughts on ““I Am A Convinced Universalist”

  1. J.B., I am a convinced Universalist, also. Could not get past the sexist language in this article to really read/consider it. I’m sure there is some worthwhile material in this article, or you would not have share it. Just don’t have the time and patience right now to slog through all of the offensive (to me) language. Thanks anyway.

    1. Indeed, that is one of Barclay’s downsides. He was writing his autobiography in 1977 no less. By that point, progressive scholars were pretty much without excuse when it comes to androcentric language, especially when referring to humanity writ large as “man”.
      Barclay doesn’t really say anything original here that hasn’t already been said by Universalists elsewhere. I’m simply delighted to find another member of our underground!
      Hmm… Universalist Underground… now there’s an idea…

  2. monkheart

    Oh, AMEN!!! I am a huge Barclay fan. He explains it, apparently, the way my brain can understand. Thank you so much for this. Needed it. It explains everything I have been feeling lately but have had no words to express.

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