The War on Christmas

Image by Silvio Tanaka.  Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.
Image by Silvio Tanaka. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

Reblog from Huffington Post

Article by Mark Sandlin

War on Christmas? A war on what Christmas has become? A war on worshiping consumerism in the sacred halls of Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy while the world is swallowed up in the darkness of not having enough food to eat, a place to live, clean water to drink, access to reasonable health care? Sign me up, because I refuse to let the story of my faith be co-opted by corporations who only wish to convince us that we are privileged and we do deserve what we have more than others and we should revel in our abundance even as we celebrate the birth of the child who laid in a feeding trough, who lived his life with no place to lay his head, who told us that “just as you do it unto the least of these so to you do it unto me”, a child who gave up his very life that we might understand what true love looks like.

War on Christmas? Indeed. Where do I sign up?

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4 thoughts on “The War on Christmas

  1. Max Greiner

    Correct, there is a war on Christmas … however, please consider just a few of the many examples:
    1) It is really difficult to find Christmas cards with the words “Merry Christmas” printed on them.
    2) Sales clerks no longer wish you a joyful “Merry Christmas”, once in a while they say “Happy Holidays”, but ordinarily they say nothing at all.
    3) School children no longer have Christmas vacation, now they have winter vacation.
    4) Even the much-maligned Wal Mart banishes the Christmas stuff to the garden corner but does not decorate the rest of the store
    5) The Salvation Army bell ringer does not dare to wish a “Merry Christmas”
    etc. etc.

    Why, you ask?
    All this is an effort not to offend the perpetually offended, namely the Muslims. They are much more a threat to Christmas than any consumerism could ever be.
    Please take the time to look at the books the schools force upon your children, and you will see the war against anything Judeo-Christian.

    1. I fail to see a rational basis for attributing the use of “Happy Holidays” to Islam.

      I think a stronger case could be made for attributing that shift to the emergence of religious pluralism in response to the global connectivity brought about by advances in mass communication technology in the late 20th century.

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