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  1. I think we are missing two great opportunities in the mainstream denominations: experienced ordained who are ready to go to half time because of health or energy issues, and young candidates who cannot afford an education and a family at the same time. The youngsters HAVE to have ambition for large well paying jobs to raise the family and pay the college and grad school loans. The oldsters cling to their big jobs to keep the pensions healthy (and for pride, too – no one likes to admit they are declining). Why not put the two together? Why must we use seminaries when we can use the foster care system? Why not put two part-time pastors in the big churches? Or three or four? And let each serve God with the gifts they have from God at this moment? The Episcopal and Methodist “colonization” of Michigan and Ouisconsin was accomplished with a few ordained riding circuit. That is another solution. Northern Michigan Episcopal Diocese is using “Teams” to serve multiple congregations. That is another solution. We Protestants need to use some imagination and creativity. Make a mess. God will sort it out in time for the Coming.

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