Discipline in Faith, Discipline of Self, Discipline with Church: How a pastor learned from a same-sex marriage and what came after – Tara Spuhler McCabe

This is a reblog from ecclesio.com

It’s a reflection written by a pastor in my denomination who I have come to deeply respect.  On two very public occasions, she went beyond the letter of the law in order to incarnate the spirit behind it:

  • The first was when she officiated at the wedding of two women, even though our denomination’s polity does not yet provide for that function.
  • The second was when she willingly stepped down as Vice Moderator of our General Assembly, even though she had been duly nominated and elected to that position.

Tara has earned my admiration.

This is her story in her own words:

Here is the rub and the theological bankruptcy I feel I am “pastoring” in.  I am not permitted to order worship and celebrate the love of God in the covenant of marriage for the same folk whom I have baptized, confirmed, served communion, and even ordained as pastors.  There is a gross error in how we as pastors and congregations are then honoring the whole child of God whom we have started with in baptism.

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