The Immigrant Apostles’ Creed

Rio Grande on the USA-Mexico Border. Image by Bob Palin. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.
Rio Grande on the USA-Mexico Border. Image by Bob Palin. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

This was posted to Facebook by Neal Presa, the current moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  I’m told it was originally written by Rev. Jose Luis Casal.  Fruitful theological food for thought for anyone who cares about USA immigration policies.

Also worth reading on this subject is this sample chapter from Reading the Bible With the Damned by Bob Ekblad:


And here is the Immigrant Apostles’ Creed:

I believe in Almighty God,
who guided the people in exile and in exodus,
the God of Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon,
the God of foreigners and immigrants.

I believe in Jesus Christ, a displaced Galilean,
who was born away from his people and his home, who fled
his country with his parents when his life was in danger.
When he returned to his own country he suffered under the oppression of Pontius Pilate, the servant of a foreign power. Jesus was persecuted, beaten, tortured, and unjustly condemned to death.
But on the third day Jesus rose from the dead,
not as a scorned foreigner but to offer us citizenship in God’s kingdom.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the eternal immigrant from God’s kingdom among us,
who speaks all languages, lives in all countries,
and reunites all races.
I believe that the Church is the secure home
for foreigners and for all believers.
I believe that the communion of saints begins
when we embrace all God’s people in all their diversity.
I believe in forgiveness, which makes us all equal before God,
and in reconciliation, which heals our brokenness.
I believe that in the Resurrection
God will unite us as one people
in which all are distinct and all are alike at the same time.
I believe in life eternal, in which no one will be foreigner
but all will be citizens of the kingdom
where God reigns forever and ever. Amen.

18 thoughts on “The Immigrant Apostles’ Creed

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  2. Anonymous

    I have converted this to an A4 poster, with acknowledgements, and plan to use it in worship services I will prepare in mid-western New South Wales, Australia. Love and peace.

    1. Cool! As noted in the post above, the author of the Immigrant Apostles’ Creed is Rev. Jose Luis Casal. It was shared freely with me, via Rev. Neal Presa, so I presume the author would be fine with others sharing it. Just please don’t give me credit for something I didn’t write!

  3. Marigrace

    Powerful reflection. Planning to share this as a reflection in our hospital’s Pastoral Care staff meeting. We have many immigrant employees and patients, and this will be a good reminder for how we, as chaplains (and as humans!), should respond in love and faith.

  4. Ann Marie Remillard

    Beautiful! Indeed we are a “Pilgrim People” moving on constantly…and reaching out to others as we progress in our journey.

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  7. Kathleen Fernholz

    I will be praying this Creed with the Lutheran congregation I will be leading in prayer next Sunday.
    I am a Catholic Sister.
    Kathleen Fernholz SSND

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