(Reblog) Religion Beyond the Right

Reblogged from the NY Times:

“From my faith perspective, singling people out for exclusion from the life of the church or the life of the community cannot possibly be part of God’s plan…  If you look at the people Jesus tended to be most suspicious of, they were people who sat in positions of authority to say that they had the unique ability to judge others.”

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2 thoughts on “(Reblog) Religion Beyond the Right

  1. Great article. I shared it on Facebook with a note that it is “worth reading.” I am constantly amazed when people think that because I can use the word “God” in a sentence without being embarrassed or self-conscious, then they assume that I totally agree with them not only theologically, but also politically! They assume that since I mention God – that surely I must be a fundamentalist/evangelical/conservative/REPUBLICAN – when in reality I am none of these things. I congratulate the Boy Scouts on taking a step forward and encourage them to continue taking steps toward inclusion and justice.

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