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A lot of media attention has gone to the mysterious ‘miracle priest’ who showed up and seemingly vanished from the scene of a car accident in Missouri earlier this month.  The priest, Fr. Patrick Dowling, has come forward and identified himself.  What he has to say is pretty much right on the money in spirit:

If you’re a priest/pastor/person of faith and you see an accident, YOU STOP. 

If you have any questions, I recommend that you go read Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan, which is found in chapter 10 of Luke’s gospel.

Some folks might be disappointed that Fr. Dowling didn’t turn to be an ‘angel’ (in the supernatural-being-with-wings sense of the term), but I have to say that I think he was.  The word angel (Mal’ak in Hebrew, Angelos in Greek) just means ‘messenger’ (i.e. one who is sent with a message and a purpose).  I think it is perfectly legitimate to believe that Fr. Dowling was ‘sent’ to that scene with a message and a purpose.  If you wonder what that message is, watch the video again… and if you see someone in need or trouble: YOU STOP.

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