Make This Place Your Home

Last Sunday’s sermon from North Church

North Presbyterian Church

Do you have a place in your life that you can call home?

What is it about that place makes it feel like home?

I want you to keep this idea of home in mind as we take a look at this morning’s Old Testament reading from the book of Jeremiah. You’ll see that idea of home emerging as a theme within the text.

This passage comes to us from the same era of Jewish history that we talked about last week: the Babylonian Exile. To recap: in the year 587 BCE, the Babylonian Empire invaded and conquered the kingdom of Judah southern Israel. Many of the people who lived there, especially the leaders and members of the upper classes, were enslaved and taken to Babylon, where they would spend the next fifty years or so in captivity and servitude. We talked last Sunday about how it was…

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