Knowing God

This morning’s sermon from North Church

North Presbyterian Church

Do you know God?

There are a lot of different ways one might answer that question:

1.  If you have been in this service today, you have at least heard the word a few times.

2.  You probably have a general idea of the concept (i.e. “Supreme being, creator of the world, infinite in goodness, power, and knowledge.”)

3.  If you come to church or read the Bible on a semi-regular basis, you probably know a lot about God. This is the knowledge that comes from religious observance.  You can probably quote your favorite verses of the Bible (John 3:16, 1 John 4:16) and sing some of your favorite hymns (Amazing Grace) by heart.  If you’re really savvy (and very Presbyterian), you might even be able to recite parts of the Westminster Shorter Catechism from memory (“The chief end of humankind is to glorify and enjoy God forever”).  All of…

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