When God Talks Back

North Presbyterian Church

Image Portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
By Betsy G. Reyneau National Archives and Records Administration
Donated Collections
Record Group 200 Source: [http://www.archives.gov/digital_classroom/lessons/memphis_v_mlk/images/king_portrait.gif h By Peter A. Georgescu

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When I read “Strength to Love,” a tremendous collection of Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermons, I was surprised and moved on its last pages by this particular passage, which described God in ways that feel foreign to me. While I think of God as a kind of spiritual energy, Martin Luther King Jr. related to God as a person.

The agonizing moments through which I have passed during the last few years have drawn me closer to God. I am convinced of the reality of a personal God. True, I have always believed in the personality of God. But in the past the idea of a personal God was little more than a metaphysical category that I found…

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One thought on “When God Talks Back

  1. Michael

    I’ll bet that would be nice: to have a sense when I’m praying that someone else is present, responsive, caring. Prayer for me is like being on hold, without the cheesy music.

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