What Would Jesus Undo?

North Presbyterian Church

I find the lyrics of this song more inspiring than the video.
The video actually seems to twist the song’s message to one more palatable to the church subculture, while the lyrics of the song call into question some of the practices of said culture.
I recommend letting the video play in the background and listen to the words. This song contains a message that all Christians need to hear, whether we want to or not.
Here are a few highlights:

Would God un-preach every sermon spoke in hatred
The kind with hell fire burning on their lips…

Would He un-say every scripture said in anger
The kind that’s used to hurt more than to help…

Would He un-keep all the treasures that we’re hoarding
Give a couple hungry mouths some food
Would He un-build all the walls the church keeps building
To keep all the sinners off our pews…

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