Touching the Place Where It Hurts

Today’s sermon from North Church…

North Presbyterian Church

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So, we’re talking about Thomas today. The Bible calls him the Apostle Thomas: one of the few who knew Jesus in the flesh and was sent to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Church tradition calls him St. Thomas: if the legends are true, Thomas traveled as far east as India, where he founded a church. The New Testament is silent on his fate and history is inconclusive, but it’s worth noting that when Vasco da Gama made his expedition to India in 1498, he discovered an already vibrant Christian church in the area, claiming to have been founded by Thomas himself.

But the name that Thomas is most remembered for is the nickname people give him when they read today’s gospel story: Doubting Thomas. It’s a big joke, right? People call you a ‘Doubting Thomas’ if you don’t believe some outlandish claim they…

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