The Shepherd’s Voice

Today’s sermon from North Church:
“We know from experience
that we can survive without living
and still lose, even when we win.
What Christ the Good Shepherd reveals to us
is that there is also a way to live without surviving
and still win, even when we lose.”

North Presbyterian Church

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Pop Quiz

It’s time for a pop quiz in honesty: Who here has ever been in an argument? I better not see a single person with both hands down right now. We’ve all been there.

Further question: Who here has ever won an argument?

For extra credit (points for honesty): Who here has ever won an argument and felt really bad about it?

Parenting Kids

Parents of small kids know exactly what I’m talking about here. My kids are really small, so I presently have the advantage of being both bigger and smarter than them (something that will not be true for very long), which means that I am pretty much able to win any argument, either by logic (which doesn’t always work with kids) or by physically picking them up and moving them to wherever I need them to be.

This arrangement works pretty well for…

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