From Prophecy to Evangelism

An amazing speech at General Assembly by Alex Patchin McNeill, executive director of More Light.

The 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Keynote address at National MLP Celebration Dinner by Executive Director Alex Patchin McNeill.

Nearly two months ago, I was standing behind a similar podium, except…if you can imagine, it was on an impossibly tall stage. The kind built so large crowds of 1,000 or more could see and hear someone speaking all at the same time. In true theatrical style, the house lights were semi-darkened and the stage lights were up to their brightest illuminating those of us standing on the stage. Outside the massive windows a gathering storm threatened to break out, casting an especially moody sky over the proceedings. I stood on that stage behind the podium, sweating in my neatly pressed shirt and tie as one-by-one, Teaching and ruling elders in the Presbytery of Western North Carolina came forward to the floor microphones to ask questions about my sense of call to candidacy in the Presbyterian Church.

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