For the feast of St. Joseph

I ask for what remains:
torn, tattered
leftovers of power’s playtime,
the broken-open
body of a mouse
after the cat has had her fun.

I ask for what no one wants:
dashed hopes,
the possum
who never made it
to the other side.

I ask for what offends:
fragrance of death,
the skunk who stank
for three days
after being run down.

I ask for these things:
What harm could it do?
You have no use for them anymore.
Let me unburden you of
this nuisance.

This stumbling block,
which the builders rejected,
will be the head of the corner
in an altar of undressed stones.

I know what power
lies under the earth.
I have seen the heart of heaven
in the bowels of hell.

This is the secret
I carried with me
from Arimathea to Glastonbury.

Learn it
and you too
will hear the harrowing.

9 thoughts on “Remains

    1. Anonymous

      News Flash….Dr. Who and J Barrett Lee were Hijacked and commandeered in the Tardis by Brother Rick….. to Hadrian’s Wall. . Brother Rick who was at the time guarding the infamous wall was dressed down by J Barrett Lee………..Stay tuned for further adventures and updates on Dr Who and Rev J. Barrett Lee 🙂

  1. Anonymous

    Dr Who and Barrett opened up the door to the Tardis at Hadrian’s Wall. There to greet them to Barrett’s dismay was Brother Rick, “What in God’s creation are you doing here?” barked Barrett at Brother Rick. “I’m guarding the wall to keep the invaders out!.” “That figures!” said Dr Who.”How did the great wall of China work out for Genghis Kahn, how about the Maginot Line for the Germans?” Barrett remarked “About as well as the border wall is gonna work out for The Donald!” “All they need is a drone, or a tunnel after all” “Let’s blow this joint Dr. Who, and build bridges with Mr. Peabody and Sherman.” Dr. Who and Rev J. Barrett Lee climbed back on board The Tardis and left for warmer and more inclusive climes!.

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