Critical Mass

Hoc est corpus meum.
Et cum spirit tuo.
Critical Mass.
Missa cum populo.

The work of the people
in thrift store vestments,
home-made stoles,
Du Maurier incense.

Kneeling in the cloister
behind the record shop;
Approaching the altar
to receive:
Would you like fries with that?

Crack at coffee hour,
neither more nor less addictive.

Orthodox idolatry,
sacred profanity.

I heard your confession
when it was you
who should have forgiven me.

2 thoughts on “Critical Mass

  1. I always like your poetry posts. Even though I amCatholic, I have to look up the Latin phrases (I converted long after Vatican II). This one has a way of drawing in and then delivering the “aha moment” of juxtaposition.

    1. Thank you. This year has seen something of a poetry revival in me. Don’t know why. I haven’t written this much of it since high school. Mine may not be the most insightful or technically sophisticated, but I enjoy it and am happy to share it with anyone who might enjoy. Thanks for reading!

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