What Do You Mean by Anglo-Catholic?

Even though, as a Presbyterian, I do not technically qualify for the ‘Anglo’ part of ‘Anglo-Catholic’, the approach to Christianity described in this article pretty closely resembles what I believe. I would call myself ‘Reformed Catholic’ if the term wasn’t already used by another denomination. Most of the time, I settle for saying that I’m ‘catholic with a little c’…

Pilgrimage of Grace

One of the parishioners at my parish came into my office a week or so ago and asked me this question.  IN the process of working on moving tables in our parish hall, I mentioned to him that I considered myself an Anglo-Catholic.  Coming from a Presbyterian background, he had never heard this term and I bumbled through a quick history lesson, but came to these points, which are so much more eloquently put than I did in that moment:

What is Anglo-Catholicism?
A Response in Six Parts

by the Revd John D. Alexander, SSC
Rector of S Stephen’s Church, Providence, Rhode Island
formerly of the Church of the Ascension, Staten Island, New York

1. A High View of God. Anglo-Catholic worship at its best cultivates a sense of reverence, awe, and mystery in the presence of the Holy One before whom even the angels in heaven veil their faces.

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