Rediscovering Mother Kirk: Is High-Church Presbyterianism an Oxymoron?

A well-written article whose subject lies close to my heart as one who finds himself “on the border between Anglicanism and Presbyterianism.”

The author writes from a Reformed perspective that is more conservative than my own. Hart is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, while I serve the more moderate-to-liberal Presbyterian Church (USA). Hart and I would certainly diverge on several major doctrinal points, but we are in agreement on the subjects he addresses in this article (especially sacraments and ordination).

By D.G. Hart

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Many Christians might be surprised by the high-church tendencies within the Reformed tradition, Presbyterians perhaps being the most amazed. So accustomed are Protestants in North America to remembering the anti-papist sentiments of the Reformation that they forget how many of the practices and beliefs of Christendom were perpetuated in Calvinistic and Lutheran churches, chief among them a respect for ritual, formality, and holy office. The Protestant Reformation, after all, was just that, a reformation of forms and structures, not a repudiation of ritual or legitimate ecclesiastical authority (a debatable statement, of course, to Roman Catholics).

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