Why Your Pastor is Actually Not Your Friend

Reluctant Xtian


dog collarI’m not wanting to be rude or put anyone off by this statement.  And this doesn’t come out of any recent personal issue or encounter.  And this is certainly not some sort of passive-aggressive way to get a point across to someone I’m reluctant to talk to in person.  That would just be bad behavior.

But this is a consistent point of confusion for many, and so I think it deserves a little blog article, and discussion if you wish.

*End Disclaimer*

Your pastor is not your friend.

It’s hard, because they feel like they are.

And this is not a hard and fast rule, by the way.  Some pastors do make a friend in the congregation, someone they can absolutely be themselves with.

But that needs to be rare.  It may not always be rare…and then things get fuzzy…but I believe it *needs* to be rare, for you…

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One thought on “Why Your Pastor is Actually Not Your Friend

  1. I found this helpful. The pastor of my church will sometimes make an effort to engage, and I know he is genuine but the minute it gets a little to deep or he may be getting vulnerable, I can actually see him take a step back and the wall goes up. Lol. I know he has his inner circle, guys who have been with him since the beginning when he planted the church, so there isn’t a need to build more friendships.

    I may have missed your point but that’s what came to my mind

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