Attached is the text of the Phoenix Affirmations, a list of values and principles that emerged out of CrossWalk America, the grassroots organization whose creative work inspired a documentary called ‘The Asphalt Gospel’. Not intended to be a credo, it is nonetheless a helpful summary of the kinds of things that liberal Christians tend to believe in.

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Below is a list of the twelve Phoenix Affirmations.  Developed originally in 2005-6 by pastors, laypeople, theologians  and biblical scholars around the United States from every “mainline” theological tradition and several others, the Phoenix Affirmations are gradually becoming a theological backbone of the progressive Christian movement in the United States.  They have also picked up a following in Europe, Australia, and Central America.  As affirmations they are NOT meant to act as a creed.  That is, the Phoenix Affirmations are NOT to be understood as a test by which people may be judged Christian or not-Christian.   The Affirmations are simply meant to be a way by which certain Christians have choose to express their faith.

The Affirmations are also designed to be flexible – not fixed in stone – and  thus have a “version number” attached.  Since 2006, the version as been 3.8.  Below is the “summary version” of…

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