Ten Things I Want to Tell Parents

Sorry to crowd the blogosphere this morning, but I came across this article and it was too good to pass by.  This is for all religiously and/or spiritually inclined parents out there (of any ideological stripe).  Solid, concise, and clear.  Originally written by Rev. Rebecca Kirkpatrick.

Reblogged from Bread Not Stones:

When I started this blog about a year ago, I planned to focus on sharing my insights into how parents can and should provide religious nurture for their children. As I have reflected on this past year, I thought it would be helpful to briefly lay out in one post some of the most important things that I have learned as a pastor and a parent who works with families.

Almost all of what I have written relates to one of these ten things that I think parents should know. Once we delve into the details and particulars of different parts of scripture or faith, sometimes these essentials can get lost in the shuffle.

So below are the ten most important things that I want to tell parents (even parents in my own congregation) as they work to strengthen the spiritual lives of their children.

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