Laura Dunham: Becoming a Presbyterian Benedictine

A Benedictine monk… perhaps wishing that he had more Presbyterian friends? Image by Jesus Solana, retrieved from on September 12, 2012

As one who has long been interested in all things monastic, this article at Duke Divinity School’s Faith and Leadership blog really tickled my fancy.  Enjoy!

Laura Dunham: Becoming a Presbyterian Benedictine

A Presbyterian minister finds in the Rule of Benedict a living tradition and a way of life that leads to spiritual renewal. The Benedictine way, she says, has much to offer the wider church… (Click to continue reading)


One thought on “Laura Dunham: Becoming a Presbyterian Benedictine

  1. As a Presbyterian music director and a lay Jesuit, my interest was more than a little piqued by this piece. Lately, Benedictine spirituality has become much more attractive to me than the Ignatian spirituality that has helped form me. As such, this was a perfect interjection into my spiritual pool of resources. Thanks for sharing.

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