The Face of Humanity in Libya

Many of us are horrified by the awful news and images of Chris Stevens, the US Ambassador to Libya, being assassinated and dragged through the streets.  As happens so often in this world, rage begets rage begets rage…

It was Mahatma Gandhi who said: “An eye for an eye and eventually the whole world goes blind.”

However, there is always more to the human story.  I know that the Sacred Spirit still lives in our hearts, working miracles of reconciliation.  I can hear the joyful laughter through Her tears when I see pictures like the ones I found on Facebook.  If you are angry about what has happened, meditate on these images and let the peace of God reign in your heart:

5 thoughts on “The Face of Humanity in Libya

  1. Reverend Burgess

    Whoops! I called you “Jeff”. My apologies! In any case, I would like to share this post on Facebook. How can I do this? Assuming that I would have your permission to do it, of course. Blessings, Katherine


  2. John Hergert

    Thank you much for posting the pictures. We need to find a way to see beyond those whose who want violence to begat more violence. Our community here in Pasco WA just had an interfaith vigil for peace and nonviolence last week. It was in response to the tragedy of Oak Creek. It included Sikhs, Christians, Muslims and others. Prayers for all faiths were offered.

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