I have never plugged another blog so vehemently as I am now plugging this one.

My wife and I were up until 1:30 in morning, rolling in laughter at this blog because IT’S ALL TRUE!!!

The author is not forthcoming with personal identity details, but that’s the blogger’s prerogative.  The experiences chronicled and parodied here are almost universal among mainline clergy.  I’m actually a little scared that if my parishioners found this blog, they would be able to read my mind.

Please check this out, especially if you happen to be the clergy type.

Thank me later.


6 thoughts on “Ev’ry Day I’m Pastorin’: THOU SHALT VISIT THIS BLOG

    1. Seen it. Own it. Lived it. It’s all true. Those parish council meetings are IDENTICAL to ours in every way, except that we Presbyterians call them “session meetings”.
      The drunken Christmas Eve service
      The previous vicar dies in the pulpit… and the service continues (it would)
      All things Alice & Hugo
      David Horton finally uttering the words, “Actually, she’s the best vicar we’ve ever had.”
      I could go on…
      Love that show!

      Have you seen ‘Father Ted’ or ‘Rev.’?

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