Listening for Echoes

An article reblogged from the Bellingham Herald about the Rev. Charis Weathers, a seminary classmate of mine who is planting a new progressive church community in Bellingham, WA:

During my four-year hiatus from pastoring a vision had begun to grow, one that had at its center a church that makes the larger community in which it exists a better place to live. A church that doesn’t see its greatest success in the number of butts in the pews, but in the work that it does and the larger community that it builds. A church that isn’t only inclusive of all persons, but includes care for animals, forests, landscapes. A church that doesn’t make a belief system the primary determinant of who’s in or who’s out, but instead supports the good work that is already being done by others, offering blessing and help. A church that champions honest dialogue, values the arts, and takes poverty issues seriously.

Echoes is the name of this new church. I don’t know if it will live up to my vision, but I have hope.

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2 thoughts on “Listening for Echoes

  1. I believe Jesus did envision such a church. He envisioned his church as a spiritual house made up of stones of living flesh. In that sense, the whole world is his church.

  2. Charis

    Thanks again for the post, Barrett! Things continue along for this small community, bolstered by hope in new ways of being church.

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