What is Contemplative Christianity?

Always good to have a reminder and spread the intro to some who might not have heard of it. Centering Prayer, along with the Daily Office, has been the staple of my devotional life for the last 12 years.

Contemplative Christianity

by peter traben haas

Contemplative Christianity presupposes that we are all on a spiritual journey deeper into God’s love. Through our participation in God’s love and grace, we experience an ongoing process of transformation further into Christ by the power of the Spirit.

Contemplative Christianity is a particular way of being Christian grounded in specific spiritual practices such as the prayerful and slow reading of scripture (lectio divina), meditative prayer (e.g. Centering Prayer, Jesus Prayer), taking time for silence and solitude, receiving the Eucharist, and an overall inward attentiveness to God’s presence and action in the spiritual/intuitive dimension of our being, and in others. The motivation and destination of this contemplative way of being Christian is love – for God, ourselves, one another and indeed for all of creation.

The roots of the contemplative way run deep not only through Church history East and West, but also through the church fathers, apostles, and of course Jesus himself, who experienced divine…

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