Freezing a Fire, Bottling a River, & Catching the Wind in a Net

Today’s sermon from North Presbyterian Church.
“The Trinity is the womb from which the cosmos is born.”

North Presbyterian Church

Sermon for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

The text is John 15:9-17.

Have you ever tried to freeze a fire? How about catching the wind in a net? How about bottling a river?

If you have, my guess is that it didn’t work very well. If you try to freeze a fire, it goes out and ceases to be fire, because it is in the very nature of fire to burn.

In the same way, you can bottle the water from a river, but you can’t bottle the wind or the river itself because it is the nature of rivers to be in motion. A river that doesn’t flow is a lake.

The comedian Mitch Hedberg once remarked that he really liked escalators “because they never break down… they just become stairs. You’ll never see a sign that says ‘Escalator temporarily out of order’; it’ll just say, ‘Escalator…

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