The Eye of the Hurricane

“For Christians, the connection between God and Christ is so deep and powerful that it forms the foundation upon which the entire universe is being built. This divine oneness is the central fact of reality; everything else exists because of it. That’s what Jesus means when he says, “as we are one”, and he prays that the members of his Church would be bound together with that very same metaphysical unity.”

North Presbyterian Church

“Sometimes God calms the storm. And sometimes God lets the storm rage and calms his child.”

I first heard these words from one of my personal heroes: the Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, who made headlines in 2003 as the first openly gay man to be ordained bishop in the Episcopal Church.

In the wake of his election and the ensuing controversy, Bishop Gene was made the object of numerous injustices: he was smeared with slanderous lies about his moral character, he was the only bishop not to be invited to a global gathering of Anglican bishops, and he even received death threats. On the night of his ordination, Bishop Gene had to wear a bullet-proof vest underneath his liturgical vestments because he had just received an anonymous letter that contained a photograph of Gene with his partner and a message that read, “I have a bullet for both of your…

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